Today was our 5th pick up for the Geauga Family Farms CSA.  I think we have entered the heart of the growing season.  Based on what we received today, it looks like the crops are doing well despite such a wet spring.

Here’s what we received in our family share (not pictured are raspberries):


Let’s take a closer look.

Red raspberries, green leaf lettuce


Red leaf lettuce, large onion


Yellow squash, zucchini


Tomatoes, broccoli


Pickling cucumbers, beets


Green onions, kohlrabi


Potatoes, sugar snap peas




This looks like a pretty easy week to use everything.  I may freeze the onions, but I suspect everything else will be used as we prepare meals this week.

  2 Responses to “Geauga Family Farms CSA–week 5”

  1. How are you freezing the onion? Any tips???

    • Hi! I usually just chop the onion and spred it out on a silicon mat or piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. After a couple of hours, I put them in a zip loc bag. Then, I use in any recipe that gets cooked… taco meat, meatloaf, etc. Sometimes I skip the cookie sheet step and just put the chopped ones in a zip loc bag and then break off what I need. Sometimes, I slice them differently if I want some for fajitas or other recipes that need sliced rather than chopped. At any time, I have 2-3 gallon bags of chopped onions, garlic, scapes, herb cubes etc.

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