After visiting the Lake Farmpark with our out of town relatives early last week, the kids and I decided to return on Thursday to spend more time at the Frozen Factory of Fun.  We called it the ice cream exhibit.  When we get close to the park, Nick always recognizes the silo.


Nick and Sally wanted their photo taken by this ice cream truck.  Sally enjoyed the dairy farm model.


There was a wall to measure your height in ice cream flavors.  Maybe we should call Sally “Cheesecake”.


She’s too young to drive, but she had fun pretending.  She must have taken the corner too fast as all of the ice cream scattered in the truck.


They enjoyed seeing the other stations of the factory.


I liked the sample freezer jacket.  Although my goal was just to see the ice cream exhibit, Nick talked me into a wagon ride to the tomato building (and back).  Conveniently, we got back just in time to make real ice cream before heading home.


Nick and Sally both too good naps that day, so I know they had a good time.

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