Many times on Saturday, I am happy as a clam to stay home and clean while Stephen takes Nick and Sally out for a couple of hours.  But, we also know that we need time doing things as a family too.  We decided to head to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens for their annual orchid show.  I’ve never really paid attention to orchids before.  I remember getting a corsage at Easter from my grandpa.  I’m pretty sure they were usually orchids.  I also know that orchids are expensive.  I didn’t know that they came in so many shapes, sizes, and colors.


At first, I wasn’t very impressed.  There were a couple of displays in the hall and Clark room.  There was also a big display in the main lobby.  It was very busy.  It turns out that today was vendor day, so there was a room set up where you could buy orchids.  It was hopping.


We made our way to the children’s area.  Sally quickly got to work at the store.  We also checked out the kitchen garden.  I never knew that vanilla came from an orchid.  I have a greater appreciation for them now.  There was a display about making your own vanilla.  I think I’m going to try that this year.  I’ve heard that it takes from 2-6 months.  So, if I start it this spring, it should be great for holiday gifts.


Nick really liked the baking section.  He and Sally enjoyed the costumes.


After a break for a quick lunch, we headed to the Glasshouse.  I am so glad that we didn’t skip this part.  We didn’t see butterflies since we didn’t go up to the second level, but we did see a few gorgeous birds.


We also quickly realized that the Glasshouse is where most of the orchids were.


There were displays everywhere!




My favorite orchid find were the ones that looked like daffodils.



We had a great time and will probably try to go again with friends before the show ends on March 25th.