Today, Nick and I went to a Pampered Chef Party.  I’m familiar with the products, but had never been to a party.  This wasn’t a normal party.  It was hosted by Trevor, who owns Fresh Fork Market CSA.

When we arrived, Nick was whisked away to the attic, where Trevor was excited to show him a train.  Nick has a couple of small Lego type trains, but never had seen a real model train up close and personal.  Needless to say, Nick was quite occupied with the train most of our visit.


Clark Pope is a Pampered Chef consultant, has a catering business and is a Fresh Fork Market CSA customer.  He had an open house style party.  He was cooking pizza in the kitchen and many Pampered Chef products were on display.  It was a very low pressure sales event with the emphasis on food and fun.  I had the pleasure of meeting Diane.  She’s known to many as “the pie lady”.  She runs the Humble Pie Baking Company.  I had her apple pie at Thanksgiving and it was superb!  I really enjoyed chatting with her about local ingredients and preserving.


Later, Trevor was busy cooking turkey burgers for us to sample.  He’s working on some new products and wanted some input.  I had a sweet Italian turkey sausage burger.  It was extremely flavorful, but a bit spicy for my taste.  A bit later, Nick and I had a bite of a sundried tomato turkey burger.  Nick really liked it a lot.  I thought it was good, but maybe a bit too salty.  In all my weeks of picking up our CSA, I never took a photo of “Mr. Robert”.  He was enjoying his time at the gathering.


I had a great time and even ordered a few items.  Nick is already looking forward to his next visit.  He made train sounds all the way home.

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