Yesterday was the first beautiful, warm, weekend day that we have been able to enjoy outside.  After I got home from my lifeguarding class, we decided to head to the Duck Pond at the North Chagrin Reservation.  Near the Nature Center there are 2 ponds.  I’m not sure if either have a formal name, but we usually just say we’re going to the Duck Pond.  To Nick and Sally, that encompasses the entire area of 2 ponds, education building, nature center, etc.

We arrived to find a very full parking lot.  Lots of families were out enjoying the beautiful day.  Nick and Sally were happy to be in light jackets and hats.


We arrived at the first pond to find tons of turtles enjoying the sun.  I can’t ever remember seeing turtles before.  And they were everywhere!


Most of the turtles we saw were on logs in the pond.  The last one on the grass actually lives in the nature center.  Mindy brought him out so he could stretch his legs and get some fresh air.  She spent time talking to Nick and Sally about his favorite foods like worms and slugs.


We enjoyed a walk around the big pond.  Nick and Sally stopped to look for fish.  Sally also posted for a photo with mommy.


Sally is very intrigued by her shadow.  She was giggling and having a great time.


After several hours in class and the indoor pool, it was so nice to be outside with the family for a while.  We ended the day with dinner with friends.

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