On Monday, I did my regular spin class with Beth.  It was great like always.  I have several friends who take the class on a regular basis and that makes it even more fun.

On Tuesday, my friend Lyle (who also teaches the lifeguarding class), was teaching the spin class.  I’ve never seen him on the schedule to teach a class before, so I felt like I had to take the class.  So, even though it meant spinning two days in a row, I decided to give it a whirl.  He did not disappoint.  It was a GREAT class.  I’d put him in the top three instructors  (after Beth) that I’ve had for spinning at the J.  The music was great.  He also has a great voice and it was easy to listen to the workout.

Today was supposed to be my weekly swim lesson.  The pool heater is broken and the J is waiting for a part to fix it.  The pool was a few degrees cooler than normal.  All of the regular swim lessons and most of the classes were canceled for yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Private lessons were at the discretion of the instructor and student.  After conversing with Tabitha, we decided to postpone my lesson until next week.

Instead, I decided to swim a few laps.  It was nice to swim since the pool was not very crowded.  In the end, the water was cooler, but not cold.  Swimming laps uses lots of energy, so I never got cold.  I only wished I had brought a written workout to follow.  I’ve been reading up on swimming drills, but it’s hard to do an actual pool workout without a written plan.  Hopefully, after my lifeguarding class ends on Sunday, I can write out a couple of workouts and keep them in my gym bag.

Next up is my trainer workout with Jen in the morning.  It’s been an active week!

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