On Saturday, March 10th, I attended the Cracking of the Cheese at Whole Foods Market.  Since I was a bit short on time, I went to the smaller Woodmere location on Chagrin Blvd.  The entire parking lot was full and I was a bit leery of the crowd that I might find in the store.

Lucky for me, I arrived in time to get a seat right in front of Jason and his 90 block of cheese.  As it turned out, there were only about 15 people there for the event.  I sat next to Sarah from Cooker Girl.  It was nice to run into her.



Jason talked about the history and making of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

  • gets its name from the city of Parma and Reggio
  • dates back to 12th century
  • cows fed only food from the region
  • consortium oversees all of the parts of the operation
  • milk fat is used in butter and mascarpone
  • 90% of the production is consumed in Italy

He also talked about the tools used to crack open a wheel.


As part of the Whole Foods event, every store was cracking a wheel at 3PM Eastern.


90 pounds of deliciousness will run about $1500 retail.


Samples were free.


I was glad that I attended the event and hope to see more of the store demos and events in the future.  Thanks to Jason for sharing his talent and love of cheese with us.

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