Around Christmas, I bought several craft kids for the kids.  I think most of the kids were 50 cents or less.  Although we have lots of general craft supplies, sometimes it’s nice to open a small package and have an instant project.  This wreath kit came with enough supplies for 2 wreaths and all I needed to provide was the glue (and an old Giant Eagle ad).

Nick and Sally didn’t care that they were making Christmas wreaths in March.  They are happy as clams as long as they can play with the glue!

I tried to help Sally learn to dab the glue with a toothpick.  It didn’t work too well.  She wanted more glue than a toothpick would allow.


Nick agreed, he just wanted the whole bottle of glue to use on his project.  Both Nick and Sally had a great time and were busy for about 30 minutes.  After the wreaths were done, clean up was surprisingly easy.


I’ve already started a list of school supplies to buy at the sales this summer.  Extra glue is definitely on my list!

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