Today, I had my last scheduled swim lesson with Tabitha.  We spent the entire lesson working on the butterfly and breaststroke.  I can do all of the parts of both strokes, but I still need lots of practice putting it all together.  My breaststroke has certainly come along way.  For the butterfly, I really need to work on the kick.  I can kick and kick and not travel anywhere!

Now that the lifeguarding class has ended, I’m going to try to figure out an exercise schedule that involves the pool 1-3 times a week.  I’m not sure if I will continue with the water aerobics class, but I definitely want to add swimming laps and drills to my workout schedule.  I want to be more proficient on all the strokes.  I also want to be prepared to take the Swimming Instructor class if and when it should become available.

I really like how I feel after a good swim and I am looking forward to a regular swim schedule.

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