The kids and I ran an errand after church today.  On the way home, we were in an accident.  I was going north on a major road in our area.  I was making a left onto a side street.  A guy was coming out the side street and turning left (north) onto the main road.  He had a stop sign and I am pretty sure he stopped, but never saw us turning.

I wasn’t going fast since I had just stopped to wait for traffic to finish coming southbound.

I stopped the car, made sure the kids were ok, got them out of the car and called the police.  Sally was crying and very upset.  She wasn’t hurt, but was scared.  The car door hit is where she sits.  The guy came over and apologized and asked if I had called the police.  That was my only contact with them.  The police officer was very nice and a guy who saw the accident stopped back to talk to the police.  There wasn’t any question of fault as I clearly had the right of way.  We didn’t have to wait too long for the police to arrive.  Soon after they arrived, Stephen came to help out.

Here’s a view of the car.  It’s can be driven, but the door doesn’t close completely enough to lock.  I definitely don’t feel like driving it as is with the kids inside.  We also need to buy new car seats for this car.


Here’s another view of the car.  After the police got information from me,   Stephen took Nick and Sally home.  We were only 2 blocks from our house.  I walk past this intersection almost everyday.  Turns out the guy lives a few doors down from us.  I’m glad we didn’t know him.


Of course the other car only had minimal scrapes.


After I got home, we all took pain reliever.  Since I was already stiff, I wanted to help the kids from getting sore while they napped.  I called the insurance company and gave them all of the information they needed and an adjuster will call us tomorrow.

I’m sad that we have to be inconvenienced while this car gets fixed. But…..

I’m glad that no one was hurt.

I’m glad that the kids understand the importance of car seats and seal belts.

I’m glad the car wasn’t totaled.

I’m glad that we were close to home and that Stephen was home to help us out.

I’m glad for so many offers from friends to help us out if needed.

I have so much to be thankful for and days like this make me really appreciate it.

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