A few weeks back, I mentioned that I was reading books about swim workouts and drills.  My friend Lyle offered to help in this area.  He’s wanting to get in the pool more and I want to figure out some workouts/drills.  It was a perfect combination.

My partner in crime had another commitment yesterday, so Lyle and I made plans to meet at the pool.  He had sent me the workout earlier in the week.  I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into.

When I showed up, he had the workout printed and laminated.    It was great!

Warm Up

  • 4 lengths flutter kick with kickboard


  • 4 Lengths Front Crawl
    • 2 Lengths with paddles
    • 2 Lengths without paddles
  • 4 Lengths Front Crawl
    • 2 Lengths with buoys
    • 2 Lengths with buoys and paddles
  • 4 Lengths Breaststroke

Cool Down

  • 4 Lengths Flutter Kick
    • 2 Lengths Front
    • 2 Lengths Back

So, the workout was basically a 100 yard warm up, 300 yards of drills, and 100 yards of cool down for a total of 500 yard swim.  I really enjoyed having a workout set up like this.  Usually, swimming laps is boring and hard to keep track of.  Because we were switching things up so much, it was easy to know when we were done with each part.

I didn’t know what paddles were.  I really enjoyed using them.  You can really feel the difference in stroke power and resistance with them.  I can’t wait to order my own pair.  I had used a pull buoy before, but only a few times.  It forces you to engage your buttocks while you use just your arms to move through the water.

My worst hundred yards was the breaststroke.  I still am not proficient.  I need to keep practicing.

I definitely got a great workout.  It took just over 30 minutes and that included a bit of instruction and chatting along the way.  Today, I found myself tired, but not really sore.  It’s a good feeling.

Lyle’s going to create another workout for next week.  I can’t wait.

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