Yesterday, Nick and Sally participated in the monthly Caring Cubs event that was held at Whole Foods.  Our family had never heard of the Caring Cubs organization, but I read somewhere that there was an event at Whole Foods that was going to focus on healthy eating and be age appropriate for younger kids.

I registered the kids and was happy that Stephen could attend with us.  Kelly gave us a brief introduction about Caring Cubs.  In a nutshell, it’s a volunteer run organization to help younger kids learn about volunteering and service.  There’s an event once a month.

Yesterday’s event had about 20 kids in attendance.  As the “service” part of the event, we were asked to bring canned food items for a local center.

After Kelly’s introduction, Lisa from Whole Foods welcomed us.  We then divided up and headed on a store tour that included stops at 5 different stations.

The first station we visited had two parts.  The first part was a match the item to the correct food group.  After that, Kara shared about eating the colors of the rainbow and the kids enjoyed a snack of carrots, berries, grapes, peppers and more.

Next up, we headed to produce.  We heard about asparagus and its colors.  We also learned about tropical fruits.  Everyone enjoyed a tangerine.


The third stop was celery painting.  Sally and Nick were very familiar with this technique since we had just used it on napkins with fabric paint a couple of weeks ago.


Everyone had a great time painting!


Sally LOVEs cheese.  She was super excited to make cheese and pretzel people.  Both Nick and Sally loved eating them when they were finished.  I can’t wait to make these for lunch one day this summer when we are visiting with my niece and nephew.


Here’s a close up of a finished cheese guy.  Our last stop was an activity for drawing what was on a healthy plate.  Our kids were good at saying what was healthy, but not quite of drawing age.

cheese guyIMG_0356

After visiting each station, there were refreshments back at our starting place.  We had a good time and would definitely check out some of the other events for Caring Cubs.