Nick is a couple of months past turning 4.  He doesn’t want to take a nap anymore.  He still needs a nap most days, but after “trying” for 3 or 4 minutes, he usually makes his way downstairs.  I’m trying to encourage him to at least play quietly for a bit, but that’s hit or miss.

Today, I was doing some computer work when we came down.  He started playing with misc. craft items in the office.  First, he made a present for Sally.  It included wrapping it in a tissue and using lots of tape.

Next, he decided to make flowers.  He used some straws that I had picked up on a 90% Halloween clearance table.  He carefully folded the flexible part to make a bouquet and taped it together.  Once he had the bouquet all together, he came in with a couple of vases from the kitchen.

The next thing I knew, he was watering them in the bathroom sink  – with REAL water.

Now, they are sitting on our kitchen table.  They are awesome, especially if you are having allergy issues.


I love his creativity and imagination.  He’s turning into quite the little engineer.

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