I’m not sure whether the workout was really super hard today or if maybe I was just in a weird zone.  But this really kicked my butt!

I did about 10 minutes on a stationary bike before meeting up with Jen and my partner in crime.

Here’s what she had in store for me –

2 sets of the following:

  • Hack Squat 50lb x 15 + 15sec. hold  – After 15 reps, the hold really burns!
  • Prone Leg Curl x 20
  • Push Press 15lb x 20
  • T-Pushups on bench x 20 – I’m surprised that I can actually do these.  I don’t have the best pushups, but I am able to do the T.
  • Fire hydrants x 20ea. leg – I just love the name of some of the exercises.
  • Step ups x 40ea. leg
  • Curl to Press 15lb x 20
  • Cable Torso Rotation 30lb x 20ea. side
  • Back Extensions (center, left, right) x 12ea.
  • Ball Chest Press 10lb x 20
  • Straight Leg Crunch 15lb x 30 – I was holding a 15lb kettle bell for this.  I like the shape of it for this exercise.
  • Bicycles 2 x :30sec w/ :15sec rest
  • Plank 2 x :30 w/ :15sec rest – I held the planks as long as possible.  The first one I did the full 30, but definitely not on the second.
  • Stretching

It was really 2 sets of 3 different circuits, but I’m not exactly sure which exercises went together.  I definitely was thinking that an hour was a really long time about 25 minutes into the workout.

I’m really glad that I’ve been able to maintain this strength trainer workout in my exercise schedule.  Although I’m already sore from today’s workout, I know it’s good for me.  I have more stamina and I am getting stronger.

I’m already wondering what will be in store for us next week!

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