Since Nick wasn’t in camp this week and my niece and nephew are in town, we all headed out to Voytko to pick blueberries with some friends.  Picking will probably only last this week, but it was quite good and plentiful today.

My niece and nephew took right to picking.  They had never picked blueberries before.  Sally enjoyed some time in the stroller (mostly eating berries).


But, she did get out and pick a bit too.


My nephew is trying to teach Nick how to whistle.  My niece is sure going to break hearts someday.


Here’s the best photo of all six kids that I could take.


We had a great time and will be sad when blueberry season ends.  We ended up with 8.5 pounds, but I forgot to take a photo of them before I stored them.  I don’t think we’ll make it out to pick again, but you never know.

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