As you may recall, Nick recently received a knife at a cooking class.  He wanted to cut more and I had veggies to use up, so we decided to make tomato soup from our veggies.

After cutting up a few more tomatoes, Nick tried zucchini.  It was truly a winner.  It was really easy for him to cut and had a nice handle available most of the time.


Some cuts, he was so excited.  For the most part, I thought things well pretty well.


But then we tried the onion.  I don’t want him to get hurt and my patience meter was low after reviewing knife safety about 80 times.


So, this was his last cut.  I cut up the rest.


We ended up with some fabulous tomato soup.  I’m still not ready to teach him knife skills, but ready or not, it’s happening.

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  1. A budding chef! Love that you involve your kids like this – you are setting them up for a lifetime of useful skills and a healthy appreciation for real food!

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