I weighed in for BL today.  I was down 4 pounds from last week.  So, with one week left, I have lost 15.75 pounds.  I have no idea what my inches or body fat will be when I weigh in next week.  I am assured to not win the big prize, but hopefully one of my friends will win.  I think I still could have a shot at inches or body fat categories since my clothes are all too big.  I’m going to try and be extra “on it” this week.  I’d like to finish the contest with a 20 pound loss.

Today’s SPIN class was great as usual.  I was surprised to see so many empty bikes.  Usually, on a school holiday, we get lots of teachers who have the day off.  That didn’t seem to happen today… but it could have been all of the ice.  Hubby and I chiseled for 25 min to clear enough ice to load and drive.

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  3 Responses to “Biggest Loser Update and SPIN”

  1. Lyn! 4 more pounds?!?! I am super impressed! You are kicking some serious behind, woman! I love it!

    You and Holly are totally shaming me lately…and I love it!!!

    Keep up the great work! <3

    • It’s probably not 4 more since Thurs. I have two things going on now with WW and the BL contest. So, 4+4 doesn’t equal 8… but I’m down almost 16 since the beginning of the year and almost 44 since I had my daughter and she’s almost 15 months old. I’ll take it! You are AWESOME with all of your lifting. Way to bring it today!

  2. Great job, Lyn!! Keep it up!

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