Feb 182011
1/2c oatmeal w/1c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, 1T cashew butter=9
Morning Snack
pasta w/shrooms, sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni=8
Afternoon Snack
Sobe water=4
pasta salad=8
1/2 roll=3
leftover Nutella dessert=6
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Normally on Friday, I work out with my trainer.  Today, Emily had a vacation day.  Due to scheduling, I opted to do a solo workout.

I did 30 min on the elliptical of varying intensity.  Then, I decided to give the new cardio coach a try on the new treadmill.  I ended up doing a 20 min workout on the treadmill.  I covered .78 miles (171 cal) during that time, but definitely varied the incline which I don’t usually do.  The cardio coach (Kim) is a real person that basically guides you along via video.  It’s all prerecorded, but she talks to you through the workout and you feel like someone is telling you what to do the entire time.  It’s well done and  I really liked it.  You can watch a youtube video about it here if you want to know more.  The time went by fast and I did increase speeds and incline more than I would normally.  You can plug in you ipod and have your playlist playing in the background.  I think you can also save your base settings for the future, but I didn’t get that part figured out yet.  I’ll be trying it out again.

After my 50 min of cardio, I did a little strength training.

  • abs 3 sets of 30 @ 90lbs
  • back extension (body weight) 2 sets of 15
  • 30 squats w/8 pound medicine ball (really needed a 10 or 12 pound ball)
  • leg curl 2 sets of 15 @70lbs
  • plank 30 sec (boy was I out of practice)
  • bicep curl w/dumbbell 2 sets of 15 @ 10lbs
  • triceps-cable pull down 2 sets of 15 @ 50lbs

It felt great to get back after 3 days off in a row.  I followed up the workout by taking the kids to play at the park.  Sunshine and 50s in February!

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Today was a scheduled off day from the gym.  The last thing I needed was an off day after the week we’ve had.  We opted for short bursts of outside fun.  The kids and I headed to WW.  It was nice to go today since I missed the meeting last week.

Since it was 55 degrees, we opted for parking extra far away.  The meeting is in the back of a plaza.  It’s probably 1/4 mile or so from where we parked to the meeting.  I’ll have to wear my pedometer some day to double check.  We park and walk along the stores down to the meeting location.  My son usually runs ahead and my daughter rides in the stroller.  It was a beautiful day for it.

I’m not sure it’s worth going day by day for a recap this week.  But, I was down 4.2 pounds.  Although some of that was “jeans”, so was not and that felt good.  I’m not quite back to my lowest since my daughter was born, but I’m close.

The meeting was about your dream kitchen.  We talked all about what tools need to be employed in the kitchen to be successful on program.  I think a separate post is in order for my kitchen set up.  More to come.

At the end of the meeting, we made the trek back to the car.

After a haircut for my son, we walked over to the grocery store and picked up some YELLOW bananas (boy are they hard to find) and walked back.

After nap time, we played outside.  The kids enjoyed the dry black top near the garage.  I enjoyed taking the trash out, sweeping the driveway and picking up the trash near our curb.

It was a busy and active day.  I’m looking forward to a gym workout at the JCC tomorrow.

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Feb 172011

Not so great food day, but great attitude day.

Things I can’t have in my house:

Regular Pepsi

Mentos mints

Cookie dough

1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1 apple, 1T cashew butter, cinnamon=8
(would have been 11, but I had a spill - all over)
Morning Snack
1/2 roll with piece of cheese and ham=6
Afternoon Snack
Crostas restaurant for Mom's Night Out
wedding soup=4
2 slices of pizza with arugula, prosciutto, cheese=12
piece of Nutella calzone=5
bite of cassata cake from Italy=2
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Feb 162011
1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, 1T cashew butter=9
Morning Snack
Luna Bar=5
3 mini sandwiches=15
6in flat bread chicken teriyaki no cheese, lots of lettuce=8
Sun chips=5
Late Snack
mini sandwich=5
peach cobbler=6
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Today, my son had to have minor surgery.  Everything is fine, but it meant no workout.  If I was not quite so exhausted from being sick, I would have tried harder to sneak it in.  Instead, I entertained our 3 year old without food until almost 1pm when the procedure finally happened.  Tonight, I took my last fly-tying class.  More to come about fly fishing soon.

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Feb 152011

After being sick all night, I didn’t eat much today.

apple juice diluted with water=3
Morning Snack
Kool Aid=2
Kool Aid=2
Afternoon Snack
2 rolls=6
2 slices of pizza=14
Late Snack
tomato soup w/cheese=8
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I was supposed to workout with my trainer this morning and then go back for the Biggest Loser workout this evening.  Instead, spent the day sick in bed after being up all night.  Finally, I can keep food down and I hope to be 100% tomorrow.  I hated to miss today, but my body told me otherwise.  I don’t think I couldn’t have driven to the J today let alone worked out.  I think I need to allow myself more rest.  I’m not sure if that is more rest days from exercise or more sleep in general.  For now, I feel really drained and I’m almost ready to call it a day.

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1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1c applesauce, cinnamon, 1T cashew butter=9
Morning Snack
English muffin=4
Afternoon Snack
eggs, Laughing cow wedges, English muffin=9
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Uneventful, but great SPIN class with Beth.

I did two sets of back extension (body weight) 10 reps and two set of 30 abs at 90 pounds before class.  It works well to set up my bike (reserve a spot) and then go to the fitness center for a few minutes.

I also weighed in for the BL contest.  I was up .25 from last week.  I expected worse.  I found out that another female is down 23 (twice as much as I) and she started out much lighter.  She’s been doing a really low (close to no) carb diet and competing heavily with her husband, so the stakes are high for her.  I’m pretty much assured to not win the big prize, but I suspect I’ll have a chance at inches or % body fat.  Only 2 more weeks.

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