Last Friday, the kids and I were in Delaware to visit my in-laws. Nick and Sally were especially happy to see grandma, grandpa and uncle Derek.  Our plans included a trip to go apple picking at Fifer Orchards.  The picking began with a wagon ride to the orchard.


This orchard has one type of apple available for u-pick at a time.  Friday, it was Stayman apples.  Apparently, this is a popular Virginian apple.  I was surprised because I never realized that apples would be regional, but I’ve never heard of them before.  Uncle Derek picked 18 apples.  Nick helped Grandma pick out some apples.


Sally and Grandpa really got into the trees.


Of course, Sally and Nick each sampled an apple.  Grandma and Grandpa said they don’t have many photos of them together, so we took this opportunity to take a shot.


We ended up with 48 pounds of apples.  They were $1.59 a pound.  The East Coast prices were definitely higher than the $.90 a pound that I paid at Eddy’s last week.  After our apple picking, we noticed this sign.


Derek and Nick grabbed a wagon and we were off to pick a couple of pumpkins.


It was fun for me to show Nick and Sally the pumpkin vines and explain that they grow like watermelon and squash.  Sally eyed this one.


Nick found one he liked too.  Derek and Sally took the wagon back for us.  I think the pumpkins were $5 each.


I was glad to see another farm this summer.  My mother in law gave us 2 of the bags of apples.  They are a tarter apple and we are going to make a couple of desserts and some apple sauce with them.  We’re hoping that Nick and Sally enjoy carving the pumpkins.