One of the things on my to do list while in Hawaii was a hike.  I had originally planned on two hikes, Manoa Falls and Diamond Head.  These are the two main hikes that everyone suggests.  I decided that I shouldn’t hike on my own.  My sister and I had time for one hike together and decided on Manoa Falls.  The guide books call it an easy hike.  I’m not sure if I agree.


The hike is about .8 miles and it’s in the lush, wet, rainforest.  It’s hard to believe that there is rainforest just a short drive from Waikiki.  Everything was very green and very muddy.


It rained most of our hike.  I was super glad that I had packed my hiking poles and boots for the trip.


I loved the scenery.  The photo on the right is bamboo.


Once we reached the end of the trail by the bottom of the falls, we took a few photos.


Then, we headed back down.


I was super glad to do this hike, but I thought it was difficult due to the wet and muddy surfaces.  I’d highly recommend it.


We were happy to head back to the hotel for showers when we were done.

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