My knee is finally showing great improvements.  It still gets a bit swollen and tender after activity, but generally doesn’t bother me.  Next week on Monday, I am going to do a full spin class.  That will be the test.

With the holiday weekend, I didn’t go to the gym.  But, I tried to stay active.  On Thanksgiving, we had a morning hike as a family.  Later after dinner, my sister and I went on a walk.  Sunday, we walked a bit in the rain to go over the two suspension cable bridges that go over Grainger near Canal Road.  Nick’s wanted to see them up and close all summer and yesterday was the day.

Today, I did a set of weights along with 30 minutes on a stationary bike.

The next few weeks will be tough for workouts.  There are many activities planned throughout the month that involve food and not activity.

I’m planning on a solid 3 workouts a week and hoping that I can usually get 4.

For the rest of the week:

Tuesday: off from the J.

Wednesday: high intensity elliptical workout for 45 minutes.  I need to charge my ipod and load some new songs.

Thursday: off from the J.

Friday: eSpinner bike and weights.

Also, I’d like to implement a family walk most nights after dinner.  I’m not sure if that is realistic.  We’ll give it a try tomorrow.



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