Next up after our church festivities was a trip to Akron.  We had plans for pictures and lunch at my parent’s house.  Stephen had brought our tripod so we could use the timer function for photos.  The kids helped him get set up by posing.


Soon, it was time for the group shot!  We don’t get all 12 of us together very often.


The kids (and maybe some adults) wanted to do a silly photo.


Here’s my niece and nephew being goofy with their parents.


Here’s a couple of serious family shots.


Next up was egg hunt #2.  The kids really enjoyed running around my mom’s yard.


After lunch, the kids wanted to collect, wash and paint rocks.


Grandma didn’t have paint, but markers did the trick.


After the rock project, my mom, one of my sisters and I took a nice walk.  Soon after, it was time to head out to our last stop for the day.

We had a great time visiting at my mom and dad’s house.  It was fun to see everyone.

Tune in tomorrow for our 3rd and final Easter installment.

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