The first Friday of the month, the kids and I head to Akron for the local coupon swap.  The swap starts at 11am and leaves little time for a workout.

We got to the J before 8:30am and I took the kids to the locker room so we could unload, take off boots, coats etc and get to Kid Kare right when they opened at 8:30am.

I was able to bike for 20 min as my warm up.  Hubby and I are going to ride the Hancock Horizontal Hundred in September and although I have been taking SPIN classes, I need to get some time in on a recumbent bike at the proper RPM pace.  We’ve (he) likes to cycle at 80-90 RPM.  I used to cringe at 60 or so.  I also used to think that I couldn’t get my heart rate in the proper zone if I cycled (vs elliptical).  It turns out, I just wasn’t at a high enough resistance, was pedaling too slow and was out of shape.  My 20 min at the 80-90 RPM was great!  I just compiled a play list of songs that are all between 80-90 RPM so I can practice.

My trainer workout with Emily was rather uneventful.  I was still sore from earlier in the week, but rocked the workout.  I’ll update with specifics when I get them.  The workout included dead lifts, lat pull down, row, back extension, triceps kick backs, and triceps overhead press.

I left right after our workout, so I could shower and hit the road.

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