Today was the final weigh in and measurements for the Biggest Loser contest.  I ended up down 4.02%, 8.5 inches and .8% body fat.  Since others are still being assessed this evening, I won’t know results until at least tomorrow.  Without any interim reports, I have no idea if these are good numbers or not.  I suspect that out of 69 participants, only about 1/2 will participate in the final weigh ins.  Time will tell.

I was happy with the inches lost.  I was indifferent about the pounds since I knew how I was tracking there.  I was not happy with the % body fat change.

I know that the Ormon machine has lots of error variance etc, but I thought I would have lost more body fat.  My number is really high and hasn’t changed much after a ton of cardio and strength training.  I clearly need to take a better look at my diet and get a handle on this.

Generally, my exercise/activity is good, so I mostly need to look at my diet and make sure that I’m not over training.  Also, I haven’t been getting enough sleep (mostly due to our 15 month old) and that causes things to go out of whack as well.  I’m looking forward to summer produce and more local/fresh items to help with the diet end as well.

Today was supposed to be Monday spin with Beth.  After all of our storms last night, her house was flooded so Lori filled in.  She is the instructor on Wednesdays, so I have been to her class a few times.  He CD mix was “old” rock and it was fun music.

Next up – training with Chelsea tomorrow.

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  1. YAY! I cannot wait to hear the results! Dying of suspense! Any way the outcome goes, you rocked it! Be proud!!!! <3

    • Thanks Erin. On a separate note, my gym membership is up at the end of the month and for the first time in 3+ years, I’m shopping around. I feel that I need to do my homework before I re-up. We have Lifetime here, but if I join, I still can’t come to Columbia for free. I’ll probably do a pro/con post soon.

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