I’m home and plan to stay in Ohio for a while.  Two days after I returned from Hawaii, I packed up the kids and headed on a 4 night adventure to Maryland and Delaware.  I have lots to tell you about in the days to come.

In case you are wondering, that’s about 20 hours of driving with stops.  I now know many episodes of Curious George, Sesame Street and Clifford by memory.  All in all, the kids did great with all of the traveling.

We got a good rest stop routine down early.  It including potty break, diaper changing, running around and dancing.  We packed drinks and food so we wouldn’t have to wait in any lines.  Many of the rest stops had family restrooms and they were ideal for one adult with two kids.

On the way home, I had a driver trying to get my attention.  I couldn’t tell if he was ticked off at me or this red truck that was close by.  When I pulled up to the toll booth, he was in the lane next to me.  He yelled and I rolled down the window thinking that maybe something was awry with the car.  He screamed at me to stop texting while driving.

I yelled back that I didn’t even have a phone.  That wasn’t totally true as I had a phone in the car, but I certainly was not texting while I was driving with two kids in the car in the rain, etc.  I like to see where I am going.

A few things got me thinking about texting as we drove.  In Pennsylvania, there are signs at every rest area to stop texting while driving.  In Maryland, it’s against the law to text while driving or use a hand held cell phone.

A few communities around us are enacting different ordiances.  Many states have varying laws.

Baltimore’s new law went into effect yesterday.

I don’t have a problem with the laws, but I don’t think they really stop people.  Soon, we are going to need no make up, food, singing, talking, etc. laws.  I’m not sure where you draw the line.




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