While the kids and I were in Delaware, Jeff Gordon #24 NASCAR driver was expected to make a public appearance at the local mall.  Apparently, he doesn’t ever make appearances.  My brother in law Derek loves racing, especially Jeff Gordon.

We arrived expecting the event to be inside the mall at the food court.  We instead were greeted by an outside event, pending rain and Jeff’s #24 car.


Nick and Sally were very interested in the car also.


The trailer that transports the car was also on display.


Derek was able to have Jeff sign his hat.  He was thrilled.


But, that is all thanks to strangers.


Derek and his dad got in the autograph/photo line only to find out that you had to come at 4PM with canned food to receive one of 65 wrist bands to have the opportunity to meet Jeff Gordon during his public appearance.  Derek was heart broken and didn’t really understand.  Then, the gentleman in the above picture came up to him and said that he had a wrist band and Derek could get in line with him.  The race people could tell what had happened and didn’t give Derek a hard time when they double and triple checked for wrist bands.  It was an awesome random act of kindness.  Thanks!

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