The Smart Home was built on the Cleveland Museum of Natural History this summer for use as an exhibit about passive houses.  Since we frequent the museum, we watched the house being built over the course of many Wednesday evenings.  A few weeks ago, we learned that the house was being moved to its permanent location today.  Despite the rainy weather, the kids and I headed to Wade Oval to watch the production.

The first photo is the lot where the house was going.  It’s about a mile from the museum.  The route was clear except for a few utility crews that were working to make sure the house would clear lines.



We arrived to the museum area just before 9AM and set up shop.  The kids loved the big umbrella.  We did make a trip back to the car for mittens a few minutes after this photo.


After while, the rain subsided and the kids ran around.  It was wet and muddy.  I was glad that I brought clean, dry clothes (and shoes).


Seeing the house up on the truck was amazing.


I was in awe watching it move.


The museum photographer took a photo for us.


It was a good thing that tree cutters were on hand.  This tree was trimmed just a few yards from the starting point.


Around 11AM, we headed for home.  This photo was taken from the front of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  The house had made it just across the oval.


I’m sure it would have been great to see it arrive at its new home, but we didn’t really know how long the move would take.  I suspected it would arrive during nap time.  I had plans to see Michael Pollan tonight, so we spent the morning at Wade Oval and headed home.  We definitely saw the most exciting part for the kids.  It was a great exhibit!

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