We have 3 freezers in our house.  We have the one that is connected to our fridge in our kitchen along with two larger ones in our basement.  The ones in the basement aren’t really that big, but they are the biggest one that would fit down our wacky stairs.

To keep track of what we had, I started a freezer inventory.  Every few months, I would empty the freezers and take a detailed count.  Occasionally, it was convenient to have a list on the fridge of the contents.

Once the CSAs started this summer, we hardly used anything from our freezer.  We have some items that are over a year old.  We’ve also stocked up on items when they were in season like blueberries.

In an effort to rotate stock and highlight items that need to be used, I thought I would publish my inventory along with an action plan for the next month or so.

Here are the 4 highlights for this month:

  • bagged frozen veggies such as broccoli, green beans, spinach, kale and leafy greens
    • While I certainly won’t use all of them this month, I’d like to use 5-7 bags of them up.  After all of the freshness from our CSAs, it’s really hard to eat grocery store bagged frozen veggies.  But, we won’t let them go to waste.
  • meat
    • My goal with meat is not to buy any this month.  We are getting a turkey from our Fresh Fork CSA and we occasionally get other meat in our CSA.  We don’t NEED any more right now.
  • prepared foods
    • We’re pretty good at freezing portions for meals for future use.  These should be easy to use this month.
  • bread
    • My goal with bread this month is to make our own muffins, bread and rolls.  We have a bread machine and a couple of good recipes.  It’s cooler now and seems appealing (and less expensive) to make our own.

The detailed list of our freezer contents is below if you are interested in the detail.

I’ll be back in 4-6 weeks with an update!

Item Total
broccoli, steam fresh 6
butternut puree 1
corn 5
corn on cob, steam fresh 1
corn, steam fresh 3
edamame, steam fresh 1
grean beans 8
green beans, steam fresh 2
green peppers, whole, 4 pk 2
kale 1
leafy greens 1
mixed veggies 0
onions, gallon bag, sliced 1
onions, green 1
onions, qt 2
peas 1
peppers, chopped,qt bags 14
peppers, hot, whole, qt bag with 4 1
pumpkin puree 4
pumpkin water 1
shallots, chopped, qt bag 1
spinach 7
squash, shredded 4
sweet potatoes, gallon, puree 2
tomatoes, gal bag chopped 1
yellow peppers, chopped/sliced 4
bacon 1
boneless beef chuck roast 1
chicken breast, ground 1
Chorizo sausage 1
country sausage, 1/2 pound ground 7
ground beef 4
hot dogs 2
Italian sausage, ground 2
maple sausage, ground 1
rib steak 1
sirloin steak 1
sweet Italian sausage, ground 1
veal 1
bagel thins, pack of 4 1
bagels, blueberry 5
banana bread 1
banana muffins 2
bread, GH whole wheat 1
cinnamon walnut bread, slices 3
dough, whole wheat pizza 2
pumpkin bread 1
applesauce, qt bag 1
apricots, small bag 1
banana 3
blackberries, gallon 1
blueberries, gallon 4
cherries, qt bags 8
coconut water cubes 1
dates, pint bags 4
orange juice 1
peaches, gallon 5
pear juice 3
raspberries, gallon 2
rhubarb 2
strawberries, gallon 2
butter, pounds 5
butter, sticks 2
egg beaters 4
mozzarella cheese, 8 oz 1
Herbs cilantro cubes 1
basil cubes 1
chive cubes 1
Prepared black beans, cup cooked 1
chorizo, cooked, ground 1
vegetable lasagna, servings 3
caramels 1
unstuffed cabbage, servings 2
butternut squash soup, servings 1
pulled pork, large 2
mushroom ravioli, package 1

  2 Responses to “Freezer Inventory”

  1. Holy Stromboli!!! That’s a lot of food! We only have one small chest freezer and it’s full, but my list pales in comparison to yours. I’d like to invest in another one before the Summer CSA starts up again.

    • Awesome! I have been cleaning my large upright freezer in the basement out recently as well. There hasnt been too much that I had to toss but there were a few things taking up real estate that I needed.
      I’ve been wanting to buy an additional freezer as well, mostly for meats only. I’ve been wanting to purchase a whole cow & pig too. I’d also love to have space for some of those chickens from Geauga Family Farms CSA. I wasnt able to get any due to not having space.
      M’hony doesnt see the need, instead thinks we should eat our way thru the one we have.. I agree, but I still would like another.

      I havent managed to do a complete detailed list like you have, but I did do one for at least the meats I have in there. Its not difficult to find them since I keep the meats on the top shelf and the second if I have overflow.
      Veggies (mostly Green Giant boxes) come next, then all other manner of things in the 2 lower baskets.

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