On Thursday, a friend and I headed up to Spirit Of Clay on SOM Center Road.  I was there for a project a few years ago.


On Thursday, we decided to do a glass project.  We had lots of choices and could pick between plates, trays, and a variety of other pieces.  I chose a small 6 inch square shallow bowl.  I thought it would be good for putting jewelry in at night.  My friend chose to make a tray.


I decided on clear glass since all of the colors show up nicely.  The person at the studio showed me available glass and how to cut it.  I wasn’t a big fan of cutting the glass.  There were plenty of bowls of pre-cut glass already to go.  I decided to go with the rounded discs.  There were lots of colors available.


I decided on this random but not so random pattern.  Once I had the design how I wanted it, I glued each piece in place.  Then, I sprinkled glass confetti (not the technical term) all around.  It will be fired, shaped and get an additional coat of clear glass before it’s finished.


My friend decided to use cut glass.  She added some discs and glass confetti also.


I’ll have to wait 2 weeks until we can see the finished projects.  I’ll share the end result with you then.

It was nice to have an evening out and do something creative.  Hopefully, we’ll plan another outing soon.

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  1. That class looks like so much fun! And it isn’t very far from me. Maybe I’ll get some people together to check it out.

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