Once a month, I go out to dinner with my mom friends.  We call it Mom’s Night Out.  We have 7 of us that try to get together.  Between us we have 16 kids.  We’ve been getting together since Nick was just 4 months old.  Usually, we pick a restaurant and enjoy a hot meal without interruptions from kids.  We also usually splurge on a glass a wine and/or dessert.

When I saw a blurb about the 2012 Best of the East Party, it looked like fun.  For $20, we received entry to the party, a glass of wine (or two non-alcoholic drinks), an opportunity to taste different foods, etc.  Each attendee would also get a ballot to vote for their favorites.

We all decided it would be fun and different.  On Thursday, we met up for the party at Landerhaven.  We were greeted by a gourmet coffee bar.  Inside, there were tons of people enjoying conversation, music and eats.


We spotted Mitchell’s Ice Cream right away, but decided we should wait until we enjoyed some real food first.  There was also a fun baker from Brugger’s Bagels.


The live band was quite good and it was fun to watch the teeny boppers become groupies.  The JCC was one of the finalists for the fitness category, so there were plenty of familiar faces around the party.  I especially enjoyed getting a photo with Lyle.  For those of you who read regularly, Lyle is the person who taught the lifeguard class.  He’s in charge of the pool and we encourage each other in workouts regularly.


When we first arrived, we weren’t sure if we would get enough to eat to feel like we had dinner.  After just a few minutes, we were sure that we’d be able to eat as much or little as we wanted.  The party was well done and I’d definitely attend again in the future.

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