I had my orthopedic appointment this morning.  I arrived at the correct desk at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus about 15 minutes before my appointment time.  I try to avoid main campus, but they could give me an appointment 4 days sooner if I braved the madness.  The woman at the desk asked me for my x-rays.  Um, I don’t have any x-rays.  She told me that I needed x-rays to see the doctor.  They sent me off to get x-rays at another desk.  About an hour later, I returned with my x-rays.

I filled out my paperwork and finally saw the doctor about an hour and a half past my original appointment time.  I’m so glad that my husband took Nick and Sally to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History while they waited for me.  It would have been torture for everyone to have them in the waiting rooms.

The doctor asked me a ton of questions about my knee, injury, past ACL injury etc.  He examined my walking and both knees.  This involved lots of pulling, pushing and tugging.

The verdict is that I have a Grade II MCL tear.  This means that the  medial collateral ligament is partially torn.  The MCL is one of the 4 main knee ligaments.

This should heal in 4-6 weeks.  I need to take it easy, wear a brace and go to physical therapy.  I’m not 100% sure what exercise will be allowed.  The doctor mentioned walking on level surfaces as acceptable.  So, I’m allowed to do the treadmill.  I asked him about the elliptical and that is ok also.  I didn’t get more specific and wish that I had asked about cycling.  Usually cycling is encouraged for knee injuries.  I’ll have to get some further instructions from the physical therapist.  The earliest appointment for physical therapy is June 1st.  I’m going to work on that tomorrow.  2 weeks seems way too long to wait.  I plan to call the main scheduling and try to get in sooner even if that means traveling to a further location.  My goal is to get therapy at the Cleveland Clinic JCC location, but I’m not sure if that will be possible.

I spent the evening loafing sleeping on the couch.  I’m not going to do a food post today.  I ate ok today.  I still am lacking in the vegetable department. I hope to get some veggies cut up for salads tomorrow.  That will help.

Next up: trying out the elliptical or treadmill with my knee brace in the morning.  I plan to take it easy.  I hope to read a bit and take a shower so I can allow the kids to play in Kid Kare for a while.