Today, I had another session of physical therapy in the pool.  It was very similar to my last workout in the pool.  The goal is to be moving and it’s easy on the joints.  I did walking forward, backward, sideways, squats, step ups, knee lifts, hamstring curls, bicycling, etc.  It was my last pool session.  The physical therapist thinks that I might not need land therapy after this week.  That would be GREAT!

My knee feels so much better.  I rested it over the weekend and I can tell.  The lateral movement is still sore and sometimes painful, so it’s certainly still needs work, but it’s not painful all day and that’s HUGE!

Next up: “real” workout tomorrow.  I’m shooting for 30 minutes on the elliptical, physical therapy land exercises and hopefully some arms (biceps, triceps, lat pull down, row, fly).

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Today, I had yummy “overnight” oats.  With the heat of summer coming, I may be making these often.

In an almost empty jar before bed:
1/4c Coach's oats
1/2c milk
1 banana
1/2c raisins
whole wheat pizza w/mozzarella, red peppers, mushrooms, sauce
salad w/lettuce, chicken, red pepper, drizzle of honey, sunflower seeds blue cheese
Late Snack
banana bread