Today’s workout was the afternoon BOSU class.  We had a few new faces today.  That’s always nice to see.  I implemented some of the modifications that Kim and I discussed yesterday and my foot seems fine.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have planter fascitiis and will have it for some time.  I don’t feel like I did any further damage to it today and that’s great news.

The class itself goes so fast and that’s a sign of a great class.  We keep moving and working and it never gets boring.  The class is roughly divided between warm up, step, legs, arms, abs and stretching.

Next up: hoping to get out the door in time for the 8:30am water aerobics class.

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1/2c oatmeal, 1 apple, 1T nut butter, cinnamon, 1c milk
Morning Snack
1/2 slice high 5 bread from Great Harvest Bakery
salad w/chicken, mushroom, red pepper, blue cheese, honey, lots of spring mixed greens
Afternoon Snack
piece of 100% honey whole wheat from Great Harvest w/almond butter & honey
open faced (one piece of honey whole wheat) grilled cheese with lots of mushroom and red peppers, carrots on the side
Late Snack
maple, mocha milk beverage
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