Today, I had a land exercise session with my new physical therapist.  As you may recall, I had my initial evaluation done at the Cleveland Clinic main campus.  So, aside from my water session last week, this is my first therapy session at the Beachwood office.

The therapist knew what he was doing, but he didn’t have much of a personality.  It was all business and no talk.  It was boring.  I did get a few new exercises to do including calf raises, clam shells, step ups and balancing on one leg.  It was nice because I was actually working (sweating) during the session.  The therapist thought I could probably take a spin class (taking it easy) in a week or two.  Since Monday is Memorial Day and the following week, my husband is having surgery, I’ll definitely be able to spin on June 13th.  I hope to start doing more upper body work next week.  Also, I hope to try the elliptical on Friday.

For the most part, my knee is feeling much better.  It gets sore if I do too much and the lateral movement is still painful.  I just need to rest and strengthen and be patient.

Next up: water exercises in the morning (along with all of the prescribed PT exercises)

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This was not the greatest food day.

Kodiak cakes (3) w/maple syrup
Morning Snack
2 handfuls of cashews
3 tortillas w/cheese and fajitas meat and veggies
Afternoon Snack
cheeseburger and potato chips (cookout at Marty's)
Kodiak cakes w/syrup
1c orange juice
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