We spent the day with my family.  We started out with a 10:30AM showing of The Muppets.


We beat the rush and arrived to find an empty black Friday parking lot.  It wasn’t even that crazy by the time we left.


This was the “passing of the torch” as the new generation of cousins carried on with the tradition of a movie the day after Thanksgiving.  This is a tradition that I grew up.  Sally is still a bit young, but Nick enjoyed his first movie with 2 of his cousins.


He enjoyed popcorn, previews and the whole movie theatre experience.

After the movie, Stephen and Nick spent the afternoon at home.  I enjoyed Luigi’s with my siblings and some shopping with my sister.

Later, we met up at my parent’s house for Swenson’s and some pre-birthday cupcakes for Sally.  She even got a few gifts.

We ended the evening with a few rounds of Bananagrams before heading home.

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