Today, we headed back to the gardens for another look at the WinterShow.  We met up with some friends and enjoyed out morning.

First, we headed to the glasshouse and looked at the creatures.  I enjoyed watching this turtle eat breakfast which consisted of a veggie and fruit salad.  It looked delicious.


We saw butterflies and birds.  The kids enjoyed the telescopes.  They even got to practice taking turns.  Sharing is rough when you are 4.


Sally really enjoyed the shop again.  Nick even helped her scan.  I like that she thinks the microphone is an ear piece.



One of our friends really enjoyed these cupcakes today.  Sally liked them so much on our last visit, that we bought a set for a Christmas gift.


At some point the kids decided that it was fun to sit under the tables.  They got a bit crazy and it was definitely time for lunch.  I really liked the use of M&Ms on this house.  I feel like I see new houses every visit.


We had a planned lunch at their café.  They have a simple menu plus some deli premade things.  We enjoyed some chili and grilled cheese.  It was a nice way to end our visit.

Nick had a temper tantrum as we were leaving.  He’s been a handful lately.  Today, as we left to walk to our car he decided to walk past the ice rink instead of the birds.  I always let them pick the direction we travel around Wade Oval.  When we got to the crosswalk, he had a fit about not seeing the birds.  He’s not happy with being told no.  It’s hard teach a 4 year old about choices and consequences, but we’ll keep trying.  I was happy that both kids stayed awake on the way home and then took 2+ hour naps.  They both needed one and I needed a break.