I’ve decided that my kids watch too much TV.  It wasn’t on purpose, but over the last few months the amount of TV used to occupy them while I get ready in the morning, make dinner or take a break has been on the rise.

Last week, I decided that enough was enough and I have been making a conscious effort to have Nick and Sally do other things.  Crafty projects and games don’t come naturally to me and it’s extra challenging since Sally is two and Nick is almost 4.  They have very different abilities.

When I was making dish water (read: we don’t have a dishwasher),  the soap was extra sudsy and created a mound of bubbles.  Both Nick and Sally thought it was a hoot.  We had fun playing with it together.  Later, I gave Sally a spoonful of the suds.  She giggled and concentrated and had a blast.



Sometimes, it really is the little things.  With winter upon us, it’s good for me to figure out indoor activities that I can do with the kids.  It’s also good to have some table activities they can do on their own while I make dinner.  I hope to share about many of our activities to help remind or suggest things to other moms along the way.

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