Here’s another idea for keeping Nick and Sally occupied away from the TV.  I saw a version of this on another blog a few weeks ago.  It’s basically a pick up game.

All you need is pom poms, paper clips and a container.  I bought a bag of pom-poms at Michael’s craft store.  I had some fun paper clips that were shaped like treble clefs from Stephen.  Nick had the test tube apparatus from a Lowe’s Build and Grow project.

Sally loved it.  Most of the time she just used her hands.  It was nice because we could talk about numbers and colors while she played with the pom poms.  She was quite proud of herself.



Nick had a blast too!  It was fun to watch his concentration at work.  Sometimes he just jams them into the test tube and then wonders why they won’t come out.  That’s how I know when it’s time to quit the game.


My craft supply shelf is building along with my arsenal of crafty projects and activities.  I’m happy with our progress.