Yesterday, we went to the WinterShow for the 4th time.  It was probably our last visit.  We’ve really enjoyed seeing it with different groups of friends, but it was PACKED yesterday.  Apparently, everyone is out of school now.  There were too many people for it to be as fun as our other visits.  I’ll have to keep this in mind for next year.  Our first couple of visits earlier in December we had the place to ourselves.

I do think that the houses move due to different events that take place at the gardens.  I keep seeing new houses.


I really liked this “summer” themed house complete with a beach.  Sally still thought it was hilarious to sit until the table.


The train is always a hit!


The trees were particularly nice with the light yesterday.  I also think the poinsettias are getting prettier as time goes on.


Time in the Spice Shop was enjoyed, but it was too crowded for photos.  We also went through the glasshouse and saw the butterflies.

We were back to our car just before noon and then met up with Stephen for lunch.  We had the slowest service ever, but they restaurant (bar) had some arcade games, so the kids were happy (without quarters).

We made it home without any meltdowns and that made for a successful outing.