We spent the day as a family of four.  We started out shopping at Heinen’s around 8AM.  By 9AM we were making cookies.


Stephen worked on Stollen all day.  It’s bread with cherries and raisins and usually is served with a glaze.  We haven’t tasted it yet.


Both kids napped today.  I did too!  Then, we all got ready for church.  Our service was at 5PM.


After church we enjoyed an appetizer type dinner with cheese, spread, crackers, shrimp, meatballs, hot dogs and more.

Nick helped me make the bread pudding for Christmas morning.  It’s all ready to go into the oven when we wake up.


We finished the day enjoying a cookie and now the kids are tucked in and we are finishing up a few things for the morning.  Good night!

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