Thursday is our double J day.  We go in the morning so I can workout and shower.  Today, I had planned the water aerobics class.  We go back after nap time so Nick can take his weekly swim lesson.

We were leaving this morning and we were barely on time.  Sometimes I do too many dishes before I start coats, boots, mittens, socks, etc.  I got everyone in the car and Nick wanted me to go in for his bird.  Since I was not in the car yet and had to make another trip anyway, I picked up his stuffed yellow bird and brought it out to him.  After I got in the car and buckled my seat belt, Nick decided that he wanted me to go in and get his car.  I told him no.  Sally was playing with her boat that she had left in the car yesterday.  Nick didn’t even think of his car until he saw her playing with the boat.

He started to cry and scream.  He wanted me to go in.  I just started to drive.  I told him that he needed to be more responsible for what he wanted to bring and that he already had his bird.  He screamed that he wanted me to turn around and go back for his car.  His screaming and crying continued during the entire 12 minute trip to the JCC.

I got Sally out of the car and then went to get Nick out of the car.  He got out and then opened the door to get back in three times before walking toward the lobby.  I told him that if I had to miss my swim class that he was going to miss his swim class.  I’m not sure if he is old enough to understand that, but I need to try to teach him.

Finally, we made it to the doors and he was still crying and screaming.  One of the workers walked in and said he was glad that it wasn’t just his kid.  I know that everyone has tantrums, but it does get old.

Finally, Nick’s playroom friend came in with her mom and Nick wanted to walk with her.  That ended up working in my favor.  I may have also bribed him a little by letting him open his snack.  He was still upset a little when he got to the playroom, but it worked out ok.  I was just on time for class.

After a rather noisy quiet time, Nick made it to his swim lesson.  He remembered to take his car into the car and all was well with the world.

I’m hoping for a smoother workout tomorrow!

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