Usually my Grandma has a Christmas party the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, her party was on December 17th this year.  It sure felt early!

The party was at my aunt and uncle’s house.  They also host Thanksgiving.  The Christmas party is much calmer and less hectic.  There was family, food and fun!  There were 4 main courses to the evening.  They included pizza, salad, cookies and drinks.  My uncle home brews beer and there’s always a new beer to try.  There are also usually some shots of sorts throughout the evening.

No family affairs are complete without a game of Scrabble.  We have some really good players in our family.  Although it’s a 4 person game, routinely it’s played in teams so more people can play.

My aunt is good at getting toys out for the kids.  Nick and Sally were the only two kids at the party and after pizza, a tub of Legos appeared.


Nick enjoyed checking them out.  It’s so cool that his Great Grandma will get down on the floor and play with him.  It’s so precious to build awesome memories!


Sally liked all of the little pieces.  She’s still a bit little for them, but she had an audience, so I wasn’t worried.  My aunt’s tree was tall and slender and looked great with all of the Grandma’s packages around it.


Sally and Aunt Carol take the best photos together!

This clock on the wall cracks me up.  It’s more than 15 inches across and has a prominent spot on the wall.  The funny thing is that everyone is always asking what time it is and everyone is always looking at their phone for the answer.  Sometimes things are too obvious.


Aunt Melissa gave us this pink comforter and a few pillows for Sally.  The kids fell in love immediately.  And, so did Aunt Carol.  It was getting late.


Soon after these photos, it was time for pajamas and the drive back home.  We took a few detours to look at the awesome Christmas lights in their neighborhood.

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