Nick will be 4 in February.  He’s mostly potty trained and learning to dress himself.  Lately, he’s really wanted to be helping whenever I am doing chores.  I decided that we need to make him a list of chores.  We haven’t came up with a specific schedule, rewards or allowance.  I think it’s good to start with a list and figure out what is within his capability.  Whenever I am working on things around the house, I now find myself thinking about whether Nick (or even Sally) could do this or a modified version.

Here’s our starting list:

  • put pajamas and underwear in the bathroom in the morning so it’s ready for bath time
  • put away silverware
  • put away dishes (anything that goes in the lower cupboards)
  • bring trash cans in from the curb
  • put new trash bags in our waste paper baskets
  • put dishes in the sink after a meal
  • hang up coat
  • straighten shoes in the kitchen
  • vacuum carpet
  • take clothes out of the dryer
  • sort laundry

Lately, Nick hasn’t been taking naps.  I’m starting to use that time to teach him various skills and chores that will help him in everyday life.  I think it’s good for him to learn how to take care of things for himself.  Eventually, Nick will have a schedule for his chores and Sally will have some too.  For now, I am enjoying all of the help I get.  I’m also enjoying the days when he still takes a nap.

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