Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to get everyone back to normal.  The holidays aren’t quite over yet since New Year’s is this weekend, but it’s a much more low key time for our family.

Stephen went back to work today.  He was off for 4 days and it was fun to have him home.  The kids and I had a normal day that included the J, pasta lunch at home, and nice naps.  We made dinner and hung out at home the rest of the day.  I’m glad we didn’t try to venture out for errands or shopping.

Bed time for the kids tonight was a bit rough.  They are both so tired and off schedule.  I’m hoping a couple of more days like today and everyone will be caught up on sleep.  We also need to get everyone back to eating more normal food.  We’ve had so much pizza, cookies and other goodies around lately, that we’re all in need of some detox over the next few days as well.

I’m also looking forward to taking the tree down, storing the decorations and wrapping supplies, and organizing the new toys and gifts.

Usually, we go to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History Wednesday evenings.  We haven’t been there lately, and I hope that by next Wednesday, we’ll be back in the swing of things and can make a trip down to University Circle.

I’m off to clean and organize something!

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