Last Friday, we took the kids to Tower City and Public Square in downtown Cleveland to see the holiday lights.  I drove to the rapid station and took the train with Nick and Sally and Stephen met us there from work.  That was much simpler than driving and parking downtown and the kids LOVE the train.

Sally was enjoying a clementine while Nick studied the map.  Once downtown, we checked out some of the lights inside and out.




We also saw Bruce the Talking Spruce, let Sally visit the Twigbee Shop for gifts, let the kids ride the indoor train that goes around a small part of the mall for $3 each and enjoyed dinner.

We had a great time, but we were really missing something – SNOW.  I love looking at the lights in the snow.  I love how the lights twinkle when they are covered by snow and if it is actually snowing at the same time that’s even better.

Tonight, we have snow and it’s still close enough to Christmas that all of the lights are still on.  After dinner, we put boots on the kids and headed for a ride around the neighborhood to check out the lights.  We particularly enjoyed catching the show on West Minor Road.  It’s not too far for us and they “dance” to music.  You pull up to the house, wait for the show to start (on the hour and half hour) and tune your radio to 107.1.  It’s fun.

We’ve also enjoyed the dancing lights (without snow) in Macedonia and on 135th South of Granger.  I think the one on  135th is the best.

I feel like the holidays are complete now that we have snow and enjoyed a ride for lights.  Now, hopefully we’ll have enough snow for skiing soon.  I’m not sure if I will go this year, but Nick and Stephen are already talking about cross-country skiing.