I spent most of last weekend at the Fabulous Food Show.  I had been to the fall show before.  The fall show has been going on for several years.  This was the first year for the spring show.  Compared to the fall show, I think the crowds were sparse and so was the number of vendors.  Don’t get me wrong, there was still some people at the show, but no matter where I wanted to go look around, I never had to wait in any lines.  In the fall, there were tons of lines and wall to wall people.

I will say that my experience this time was a bit different since I entered at the Exhibitor Entrance.


I was working at the Fresh Fork CSA booth.  I’m so in love with local eats.  It was a pleasure learning more about the CSA and talking to attendees about the program.  I’m still amazed at how many people have no idea what a CSA is.  I also met several existing customers and some folks who just signed up and are anxiously awaiting the season to start.  I think the booth looked great!


Stephen had our camera on Saturday while he took the kids to the Great Lakes Science Center.  So, all of these photos are from Sunday.

Crystal from Eat, Drink Cleveland stopped by to say hi.  She’s a fellow blogger, friend and Fresh Fork customer.


On Sunday, I took a break do see Brian Goodman from Green House Tavern at the Farmer’s Market stage.  He was quite entertaining.  He grilled some veggie pizza with onion, ramps and asparagus.  It was quite tasty.


I must say that my favorite booth was the Vitamix booth.  Terri was great at her demos.  I had been wanting to purchase one for quite some time.  After discussions with Stephen Saturday evening, I was ready to purchase on Sunday.


I actually had several purchases throughout the weekend.  I bought a Grill’d Per’fect! Indoor Smokeless Grill.  I loved the demo and thought the price was reasonable.  I haven’t opened it up yet, but I’m excited to try it soon.


I have used the Vitamix 5 times already.   Maybe I’ll try to grill something this weekend.

It was interesting to see the show from an exhibitor point of view.  I was amazed at how far people travel to come to the Food Show.  I think the Food Network is great at marketing their stars.  Many people came from more than 2 hours away to see Bobby Flay or Emeril Lagasse.

I’d probably go to the fall show again, but I think the spring show will need some work to persuade me to attend again.