A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my first pool workout.  Last week, I completed a second pool workout.  This workout consisted of the first workout with an additional 100 yards.  Before the cool down, we added 4 lengths of the front crawl.

Since Tuesday had worked out better that week, I swam the 600 yards including warm up and cool down before my usual water aerobics class.  I was so exhausted when I was done.  I spent a total of an hour and a half in the pool and worked the entire time.  I even finished a whole water bottle.  I was starting to think the water aerobics class was getting too easy, so a few weeks back, I switched to the heavier weights.  Now, I know the secret to making the class hard is to do a pool workout of laps first.  After that workout, my shoulders were pretty tired and maybe even a bit sore.  But, I really felt great.

On Tuesday this week, I planned to do it again.  I got in the pool a bit before 9AM and started my swim workout.  This time, we added another 100 yards – 2 lengths of crawl with only the right arm and 2 lengths of crawl with only the left arm.  This is suppose to help with stamina and breathing.  It was hard, but also doable.  After the 700 yards, I did the water aerobics class.  I was exhausted on Tuesday, but I felt great.

I have a friend who wants to swim 2 miles next Wednesday.  I don’t think I’m up for that quite yet, but I’m definitely planning to keep up with pool workouts in addition to the water aerobics class.  It feels good to get in the water on a regular basis.

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