Wednesday, I dropped Sally off at a friend’s house and took Nick to his preschool mini visit.  We signed him up for preschool a couple of months back.  This visit was to meet the teachers, other kids, and play.

He loved the “How Does a Butterfly Grow” poster since we currently have chrysalises in a habitat ready to hatch.  Actually, one became a butterfly today.  He also loves trains.  So, he didn’t waste any time in getting some track put together.


He also enjoyed a couple of puzzles before it was time to clean up.


He’s one happy kid!


I purposely didn’t take photos of the other kids, but rest assured that he met a few new friends and had a blast!  I was surprised to find out that the director had recently left and they are currently searching for one.  Luckily, the teachers have been around for years and seem to have it all under control.

I’m hoping that maybe with a change in management, we can have healthier snacks.  Currently, the snacks are cookies, crackers, Goldfish and the like.  I’d love to see blueberries, grapes and orange slices.  I don’t mind Nick having other things once in a while, but I don’t want preschool to be exciting because there is a yummy snack.  They probably don’t even need a snack since they are only there for 3 hours.

We opted to keep Nick home this year, so when he starts preschool in September, he’ll be one year away from kindergarten.  With his playroom time at the gym, visits to museums and other activities, I think he’ll do just fine with one year of preschool.

Now, I just hope he’s 100% potty trained by September!

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