9 years ago, the Metro Parks Serving Summit County started a program called the Spree For All.  It was somewhat modeled after the Fall Hiking Spree.  But, this program is on level trails and is intended for everyone.  So, it’s perfect for strollers, wheelchairs and everything in between.  This year, we thought we would do it with the kids.

On Saturday, we headed to the Everett Covered Bridge after we left the Farmers’ Market.  This bridge is near where Stephen and I were married.  We even had a few wedding photos taken here.  So, our visit brought back great memories.


Nick and Sally really enjoyed checking it out.


It was such a beautiful day for a walk.


The Spree for All hikes are all 1 mile or less.  There are turn around symbols at 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2.  This enables everyone to pick their distance.  It also makes it easy to do with the kids.  Many of the trails are close together so we can do a short walk, take a break and drive to another park and do another hike.

After the covered bridge.  We stopped at the Ira Trailhead of the Towpath Trail.

Nick was super excited to tell me all about the pit toilets and how they work.  He’s pointing out where they get pumped out.  Soon, we were on our way to the trail.


Nick and Sally weren’t thrilled with the number of dogs on the trail, but they were very happy when we arrived at the turn around.


On the way back to the car, we stopped to check out one of the old locks.  Stephen took the opportunity to explain the lock system to Nick.


Life is full of teachable moments.  Our Spree for All hikes were no exception.

We need to hike 5 trails to complete the spree.  I’m hoping to finish it up on our next trip to Akron.