Our Saturday night ended with dinner with friends.  Our visitors from Italy were in the states for 5 weeks.  They left to go back to Rome on Monday, but not before we got together one last time.

We ended up with 5 couples/families getting together.  The fun part is that I went to high school and in some cases junior high with them.  It really awesome to have friends that I’ve known for 25 + years.

We’ve traveled the world, went to college, married, divorced, moved a way, moved back, had kids, etc. and we are all still friends.  I am blessed with many wonderful people in my life.

I didn’t take many photos, but here are a few to share.

It was a beautiful day for the deck.  Nick and Sally loved running around the yard.


We enjoyed grilled chicken.  A checked out the corn hole game.  Sally blew bubbles.


Aaron had never heard of corn hole.  I guess it became popular after he left for Africa.  We didn’t stay for the game, but I heard that they didn’t let him win his inaugural game.


Thanks to our wonderful hosts.  Let’s not wait so long to get together again.


Cheers to friends!

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